How to Fix a Relationship

If you are reading this article, you are probably facing some relationship problems and issues. You are probably desperate in looking for a solution to salvage your relationship.

Here are some of the issues that you may be facing:

  • Do you feel that your significant other is drifting apart?
  • Do you suspect that your loved ones are cheating on you?
  • Do you have frequent quarrels with your partner and spouse?
  • Do you feel that your relationship is coming to the end and you are finding ways to salvage your relationship?

Reasons Why the Relationship is Broken

  • Brightness of future is no longer there – When 2 persons fall in love with each other, they dream about the beautiful things that would happen when they are together. It can be built up upon previous memories of what happened – like she loves the way that he strokes her hair and dream that it would continue forever. However, when things turn sour in the relationship, these dreams change and he or she can’t feel the same again.
  • Communication – For a relationship to work, couples need to communicate what they really feel. Most of the time, couples hide feelings in their heart, worrying that when they communicate the truth, they would hurt or get into arguments with their loved ones. And instead of coming to a resolution on certain decision, they begin to compromise.

Here are some questions to help you communicate with your loved ones:

  • What I feel like saying
  • What I like about you
  • What I hate about you

When both of you practice these questions, and communicate the real feelings out, then you are able to know how each other feel, and also what they like or hate about the other party. And always remember this powerful principle about communication: The response you get is the meaning of your communication.

Being provocable – In essence, this means that if you are being too nice, you need to be more provocable. Sometimes your significant ones have some bad habits that you don’t like, for example, he or she likes to flirt around. And because you love him too much, you allow him/her to continue their flirting behavior. Do you think that things would ever change if things continue to stay the same way?

How to Fix your Relationship

There are 3 main principles in fixing your relationship. For things to change, I MUST CHANGE FIRST.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Your partner’s behavior is a reflection of your behavior. For things to change, you must be the one changing first before your loved ones would change. If you have been emotionally attached to your partner such that he or she is suffocating and need some personal space, then you need to get a hobby and passion to occupy your time. If it is about you suspecting your partner, then you need to find out whether if it’s true and communicate your feelings out. You don’t expect that things would be different if you are not going to do anything different about it right?

If your partner has broke up with you…

If it’s a serious quarrel to the extent of breaking up, then the first thing is to wait for a cool down period. Chances are he or she is the one who initiate the breakup. And if you are to keep calling, sending sms, or emailing, then you will make the entire situation worse.

What you want to do now is acknowledge and respect his or her decision in doing so, and use this period of time to get things back into perspective. The first move is to send an SMS to say that “I had given a lot of thoughts about it. I respect your choice and you are right that both of us need a break.”

This is about agreeing with the breakup . Think about our behaviors as a magnet – when breakup happens, both of you are like magnet with similar poles. And when we are needy and trying to get their attention, we are repelling our partner away from us. However, when we are not needy, suddenly there is no need for them to repel away from us. And this is when you have opportunity to fix your relationship. This article may not fully address your issues or problems, please share with us how we can help you by commenting below.