Are your savings are in the bank? Stop wasting money!

Did you know that if you have savings in the bank you’re losing money every day? For more illogical as it sounds, that’s the reality.

The reason this happens is that in most countries (if not in all), the interest rate the bank offers in exchange for your money is about 75% lower than the annual inflation (if inflation is 4%, you get 1%), for which they still have the nerve to charge commissions for account management, withdrawals, check writing, well… every move we make is a blow to our pocket, but that if the bank has the right to pay up to 10 times your money, for which charges them to be asked that money at least 10 times what you give you «gain», so earn your money 100 times what you «won» without risking a single penny of your money… in short there are 2 options become banker to the business of your life, or stop wasting money and to continue helping bankers do the business of his life at our expense.

Leaving your savings in the bank, that money over their «interests» will reach fewer things for next year, still less the following year, and so on until you reach the point where those savings that with all your effort and sacrifice you have managed to accumulate, you are not going to achieve virtually anything.

As a recommendation, draw your savings bank as soon as possible and look for other options. There are many opportunities to make your money really generate profits and these depend on the amount you have accumulated… but do not be discouraged if you do not have much, as there are investment options that can start up with the equivalent of $ 10.

Here are a few:

1) With a minimal investment you can earn between double and triple the annual inflation in places like mutual funds (institutions like banks that collect little money of many people and invest in things that leave a greater gain); Savings of enterprises (in addition to offer excellent returns give you access to cheap credit); and finally, you can also invest in your savings account for retirement, at least giving yields by about 3 times the annual inflation; here any employee can deposit money and arrange it when you need it back, only we recommend reviewing the terms of availability of it varies from one to another… the only thing if it is equal for all it is that these withdrawals apply only about your volunteers and NO deposit on which your company provides.

2) With a higher amount can invest your money in real estate, metals (gold, silver, etc.), businesses, shares in the Stock Exchange, among others, but all this will depend on the risk you are able to make and knowledge you have about potential investments that you mentioned; if you do not know or you want to know in depth the management of any of these options and neither want to risk your money for nothing, we recommend 100% investments mentioned in the preceding paragraph … however, if you have the concern to master any of the options mentioned, in principle risk and losses could be significant, but to get to know and mastering the subject, can start generating profits ten, a hundred or a thousand times the annual inflation rate, it only depends on how much you want to specialize in something in order to achieve your financial freedom.

Everything is in your hands, you gain knowledge and experience that will leave you every decision, as there is a successful investor who has never made a mistake, and the truth if we do not start making mistakes and learn, never achieve striving toward true financial freedom … if they think that winning the lottery is the solution, we regret to say that unless we change the perspective and way of seeing the money will loose only for a few months and then return to their present reality, as money represents knowledge, perseverance and dedication … not a fluke.